Broken Computer

 Written by: Abdullah Fazli

Malika and Gulalai were classmates and neighbors, and they were living in a village.

One day, when they went to school, it was a computer class. Malika and Gulalai seated beside each other. Malika wanted Gulalai to use both a single piece of computers. Gulalai accepted.

Malika wanted to turn on the computer, but Gulalai wanted her to wait for the teacher to come. Malika did not accept, and when she wanted to turn on the computer, they saw the sparkles of fire and sensed the odor of burning electric wire.

They were scared of the damage to the computer. Malika wanted to escape from the class, but the computer teacher interred into the class and after greetings, she asked the students who know to turn on the computer. All the students raised their hands. Then she wanted them to turn on their computers. All students turned on the computers with Malika and Gulalai.

The teacher asked the reason. Meanwhile, the teacher sensed the odor of burnt wire and she asked Gulalai and Malika that why they did not switch on their computer. Gulalai replied that Malika has burnt the computer.

The teacher became angry and summoned Malika’s father to the school. Malika was very scared and her father said that he would pay for the repair of the computer. Malika promised that she would never turn on the computer till she learns how to turn on the computer completely.