Dreadful information on COVID-19

Written by: Meena Nazari

Waheed was a naughty boy and his grandmother loved him and she was always telling him stories.

One day, Waheed came home from outside and wanted her grandmother to tell him a story but his grandmother said that she is suffering from stomach ache and so that she could tell him a story today.

When Waheed heard about her stomach ache, he suddenly told her that if she knows about the danger of stomach ache or not. His grandmother worried and she asked about the danger of her stomach ache and she added that she had a stomach ache before too but it was dangerous.

Waheed wanted her to remember that man who died some days ago in their village and a woman died in the upper village.

The grandmother asked him that their deaths have not belonged to her. Waheed replied that they died of coronavirus and his friends said that stomach ache is also a symptom of coronavirus.

When his grandmother heard the name of coronavirus, she fainted and fell on the ground.

Waheed worried and cried that what happened to his grandmother. Waheed’s mother came and asked about the cause of her mother’s faint.

Waheed replied that he does not know. Waheed’s father took his mother-in-law to the clinic and after her full checkup, the doctor said that her all tests are negative and he added that she is only suffering from stomach ache. Waheed asked the doctor that if she was not affected by a coronavirus.

The doctor replied no, and asked Waheed who has told him that his grandmother was infected with the coronavirus. Waheed replied that he has heard from other people in the lane.

The doctor advised him not to hear and accept the gossips about any kind of disease, especially about coronavirus and he wanted Waheed to listen to the news and information about coronavirus provided by the Ministry of Public Health and other related organizations.

The doctor added the giving misinformation about coronavirus might have bad effects on the members of the family and they might face some psychological problems and even face death.”