Clever Bird

 Written by: Nasratullah Samim

Once upon a time, canary, crow, and magpie were living in a big jungle with other animals and birds. One the king of the birds was visiting the jungle and he opened a class for birds to learn nest building and he hired the canary as their teacher.

The king promised that if anyone makes a nice nest, he/she would live with him in the castle. The canary started his teaching. Crow and other birds were listening but magpie was not attending the class and he was playing outside.

Some days later, the canary brought some small sticks and practically showed nest making to the birds. Crow was paying more attention to his work but magpie was just mocking others. The crow asked a question from the teacher related to nest building. Magpie mocked him for not learning nest making.

The next day, the crow took some sticks and twigs and started making a nest. Magpie came and asked him about it. The crow replied that he wants to practice building a nest.

Magpie laughed at him and asked that why did not learn in the class but the crow blamed magpie that he is not attending the class not practicing nest. Crow told the magpie that if he wants to live in the jungle, he should learn to build a nest. Meanwhile, a bird announced that the king invited all birds to the castle.

The next day, all birds went to the castle and they were making nests but the magpie did not know how to make a nest. Crow had built a nice nest and the king liked it and he awarded crow with a big prize and said that he would have the chance to live with him in the castle.

The king ordered other birds who had not built nests to leave the jungle among them was the magpie too. Magpie was crying and regretted that he did not learn making nest.

When the crow heard the crying of magpie, he requested the king that if he allows the other birds to live in the jungle, he would teach them nest building. The king ordered the birds to come back to the jungle. The crow started teaching and all birds, including magpie, leaned nest building.