Zobair and Zia

 Written by: Abdullah Fazli

Zia and Zober were brothers and they were living in a green village far from the city.

One day their father was going to plow his land and took Zia and Zober with him. After plowing the land, their father became thirsty and he wanted Zober and Zia to bring some water drinking water.

They took water from the spring and when they wanted to come back, Zober showed a bottle and said to Zia that his mother has given a bottle of doogh for drinking and then he take somethings from the bottle and ate them.

After a few minutes, Zuber fainted and fell on the ground. Zia informed his father and he came. Zober was not talking and nor opening his eyes and foam was coming from his mouth. His father thought that Zober might have died. He took Zober on his back to take him to the clinic but the clinic was far from the village.

Zober father did not know how to take him to the clinic. Finally, their neighbor came in his car and took Zober to the clinic and when the doctor checked the result laboratory test, he said that Zober has eaten poison.

Zober’s father was confused and he asked Zia about the issue. Zia was afraid of his father to say anything but his father promised that he would not beat him. Zia said that when they went to bring water, Zober showed a bottle of medicines and said that it was a bottle of doogh that his mother has given him for drinking. Zober ate the medicines from the bottle, and after a few minutes, he fainted.

The doctor checked the bottle of the medicines and said that the bottle contains insecticides.

Meanwhile, Zober opened his eyes. Zia and his father became happy and wanted to take Zober home. The doctor wanted them to not play with arsenic and other insecticides.

Zober and Zia promised they would never play with the mentioned things afterward.

The doctor prescribed some medicines for Zober and asked to take his whole medicines on time.