Brother, I Study my School Lesson, Polish Your Shoes Yourself

Nooria was a schoolgirl living in a small village. She was a very active and hardworking girl, but one day, she was worried in the class.

The teacher was checking home assignments and wanted the students to put their assignments on the tables. She checked some students’ homework, and when she arrived at Nooria’s table, there was no notebook on her table.

The teacher asked Nooria that why she did not do her homework in recent days, and she warned her that she would cut from her scores. Nooria promised that she would do her homework afterward.

The next day, when Nooria wanted to do her homework, her brother, Saleem angrily asked her why she had not polished his shoes.

Nooria replied that she was doing her homework, but Saleem wanted her to leave her homework and polish his shoes first. Nooria polished Saleem’s shoes and Saleem went to his classmate’s house and saw that his classmate was polishing his shoes. Saleem asked him why he does not want her small sister to polish his shoes. His friend replied that his small sister has the first position in her class in she has to study her school lessons and does her homework. He asked Saleem about his sister’s position in the class but Saleem had no response.

After school, Saleem went home and he was very sad. Nooria asked about his sadness. Saleem replied that he threw his notebook from the lane to home, but his notebook was stuck on the tree.

Nooria climbed the tree and took Saleem’s notebook, and when she wanted to come down from the tree, she fell on the ground and injured her body.

After somedays, Nooria got her health back and wanted Saleem to bring his shoes for polishing. Saleem thanked her and said that Nooria has to study her school lessons and does her homework, and he promised that he would also help her in her school lessons afterward.