Failure to Success

Written by: Nasratullah Samim

There were 3 rabbits (White, Piebald, and Gray) living in a big jungle. One day White was sitting sadly beside a big stone. Piebald and Gray asked the reason for his sadness. White replied that he had planted carrots in a field but the flood destroyed all his fields and he has nothing save for the winter. Piebald and Gray said that flood destroyed their fields too.

White remembered an idea and wanted Piebald and gray to go behind him. They reached to place that the rainwater was flowing toward their fields. White wanted Piebald and Gray to dig the ground and collected the soil together to prevent the flood from going toward their field. They did not accept but White dag the ground and made a barrier from the soil to prevent the flood. White became happy and went home.

The next time, when the rain started a heavy flood destroyed the barrier that White had made it. White went back toward the barrier and rebuild it. Gray and Piebald prevented and said that the flood would ruin it again but White continued his work. This time he had taken some sacks and filled them with the small stones and put them on the way of the flood.

When White went back home, the flood came but it could not move the sacks of stone and flood changed its way.

White, Piebald, and Gray rabbits became very happy. Piebald and Gray thanked White to save their homes and fields from the flood.