Piebald Bear

Written by: Abdullah Fazli

Once upon a time, there was a piebald bear, living with her mother in a big jungle.

One day, the piebald bear was crying on the mountainside and asking for help but there was no one to help her. After sometimes, two monkeys, Big and Khaki heard her crying and went near the mountainside and found that Piebald was injured and laid on the ground.

When they wanted to take her to the jungle, they saw that Piebald was unconscious and could not talk and move. They thought that Piebald has died. Khaki wanted Big that they could not help her because she has died. Big checked her and found that she was alive and breathing.

Big and Khaki carried her to Piebald’s house. When Piebald’s mother saw her daughter that she was not talking and moving, she thought that she has died, she started crying. Piebld's brother, Fat bear got angry and promised that he would take the revenge of his sister from anyone who has quarreled with Piebald then he left the house.

She was asking about the issue from all the animals in the jungle but no one was aware of Piebald’s injuries and he came back home and saw that Piebald was talking to her mother. Fat bear became happy to see his sister was alive.

Her mother asked Piebald who has beaten her. Piebald replied no one and added that she was running at high speed down from the mountain and she rolled and fell on the ground of the mountainside and injured his whole body.

Her mother blamed her and said that when one runs from a high place downward, her/his weight would cause an increase of speed and she/he would not be able to control and it would cause to face such problems as Piebald faced with.