Written by: Meena Nazari

Black was the pup of a monkey and the pup of a bear was his friend. They were living in a big jungle.

One day Red, the sister of Black saw that Black was afraid and hiding behind a big tree. Black asked the reason. Red replied that he wanted to eat some bananas and when she threw a stone toward a tree of banana, as there was the pup of the bear in the tree, the stone hit on her head and she fell from the tree.

Red suggested him to go with her to the fox’s house to solve this issue.

They went there and asked the fox to help Black. Fox said that the only way to solve this problem is to ask apology from the bear’s pup but Black was afraid to go alone and wanted Red and fox to with him to the bear's house.

When they reached near to bear’s house, and when Black heard that the bear’s pup saying that she would never leave Black alive, Black ran away. Red and fox prevented him and took him in front of the bear’s pup. Bear’s pup was very angry and wanted to attack him but when Black made his apology for what he has done, she forgave him and became his friend again.