Throwing Stones on the Way to School

 Written by: Nasratullah Samim

Waheed and Zubair were friends, classmates, and villagers. Most of the students were going by bicycle to the school but Zubair and Waheed did not have bicycles and they were going on foot.

One day, Waheed wanted Zubair to play throwing stones on the way to school for passing time. Zubair said that throwing stones is dangerous but Waheed did not accept and started throwing stones.

When he threw a stone toward a tree, they heard the sound of breaking glass. Zubair said that Waheed hit the glass of a car instead of the tree. The driver came toward them but Waheed escaped.

Waheed waited for Zubair in front of his house. When Zubair reached, he told Waheed that the driver identified him. Zubair afraid and entered his house. His sister asked him about his fear but Zubair hid in the room.

Waheed’s father came home and asks Waheed’s sister about Waheed. Waheed’s sister replied that Waheed is hidden in the room.

His father wanted Waheed to come out and tell him the whole story and he promised that he would not punish him. Waheed told him the story.

His father said that he had promised Waheed to buy him a computer for him but as Waheed has broken the glass of their neighbor’s car glass, he has to pay the money of the computer to the owner of the car and added that as they are poor, he could not buy him a computer.

Waheed became very sad and promised that he would never throw stones in a public way.