Thirsty Fawad

Written by: Abdullah Fazli

Fawad and Bilal were two brothers living in a green village far from the city.

One day they went to their uncle’s house to the city. Their cousin, Ikram was their close friend and they play with him during the day.

It was midnight and Fawad had to go to the toilet but he did not where the toilet was. The room was dark and he was not able to see his way. When Fawad opened the room's door, a dog barked; Fawad afraid and fell on Bilal. Bilal got angry at him and asked Fawad that where was he going. Fawad replied that he wanted to go to the toilet and he opened the door of the room slowly and went out to the yard.

Meanwhile, Bilal became thirsty and he also went behind Fawad to drink water. Bilal was finding water and Fawad was finding the toilet. Fawad said to Bilal that he found water and toilet. Bilal went near a water container to drink water. Meanwhile, the dog attacked him. But fortunately, the dog was chained and could not harm Bilal. Fawad and Bilal cried. Ikram heard their crying and reached to them and asked about their trouble. Fawad replied that he needed to go to the toilet and Bilal was thirsty.

Ikram said that they chained their dog in the yard and the water container is broken. Ikram blamed them that why they did not ask about drinking water and nor toilet before going to sleep.