Cheap Raw Materials and More Sales

 Written by: Aqsa Sediqi

Some businessmen have thought of products of which raw materials are found easily and cheap in the area, and their benefits and sales are convenient.

AEPO’s writer/producer has talked to Shirbaz Kaminzada, a resident of Kabul city. Kaminzada says about his business, “Most people throw newspapers and magazines away after studying them. As I have enough experience in publications and I am always dealing with paper; I decided to take the benefit of extra paper.

First I opened a carton making factory and order to promote our products, we announced through social media about our activities. We buy extra papers from those who collect them. We pay 5-7 Afghanis per kilogram paper. Our daily products reach between 50-100 thousand cartons and our net benefit has increased by about 12-15%.”

Women and exhibition:

A writer/producer of AEPO had a trip to Mazar-e-Sharif, Balkh province and there he has talked to Hameeda, a resident of Takhar province who had handicrafts of her residential area in an exhibition.

Hameeda says about her business, “I have purses, shoes, pillows, and ladies and gentlemen’ waistcoats for sale. I prepare the raw materials from the market and other women sew the above-mentioned items and I sell them in the market and some exhibitions. About 15 women are busy in these activities.

We spend about 500 Afghanis on one waistcoat for instance and I sell it for 800 Afghanis and then we divide the benefit equally. It means I get 50% of the benefit from each item. Before I was faced with economic problems but now almost my all economic problems are solved.”