Three Apples

 Written by: Meena Nazari

 Pingo and Chino were the cubs of a bear and they were living together in a jungle.

One day, Pingo and Chino left their houses to find something for eating. Pingo saw three apples in a big tree. She wanted Chino to pick up the apple but Chino said that she could not climb the tree. Pingo wanted to climb the tree but Chino prevented her and said that the trunk of the tree is very smooth and she would not be able to climb it. Pingo asked the solution.

Chino replied that a monkey chick is her friend and she would want her to cut the apples for them. Pingo accepted and Chino went and took the monkey’s chick. When they arrived at the apple tree, they saw that Pingo was crying.

Chino asked about her trouble. Chino said that when Chino went, she tried to climb the tree and she climbed the branch that had three apples, the branch broke and she fell on the ground and broke her leg.

Chino became very sad and blamed her for climbing the tree and she asked about the apples. Pingo replied that the apple fell in the river. Chino said that she had promised to the chick of the monkey that she would give one of the apples to her but she did not know that Pingo’s mistake would cause her to break her leg and lose all the apples.