The Big Stone

Written by: Nasratullah Samim

White and piebald rabbits were brothers and living in a big jungle with their mother. Once the drought was becoming increasingly severe and nothing was found easily in the jungle. One day white and piebald rabbits were very hungry. They left home for finding some foods but they found nothing. Piebald said to the white that their mother has gone early in the morning and she would bring some foods.

White said that yesterday their mother had found hardly some cabbages and today she might not find anything but piebald assured her that their mother would bring food. They decided to roll down stones from the hill to the sea.

They were enjoying rolling small stones. Piebald wanted the white to help him in rolling a bit stone down the hill. When they rolled down the stone, they heard the crying of someone. Piebald and the white rabbit were afraid and hid in their cave.

They did not know who was crying. A few seconds later, the crying stopped. Piebald and white went out of their cave again. It was getting dark and their mother had not come back home. They were sad and went back to the cave.

They thought something might have happened to their mother. Meanwhile, they heard the voices of some monkeys in front of the rabbit’s cave and they want piebald and white to come out. When hey went out, they saw that their mother's head, hand, and foot were wrapped with a cloth.

They started crying and asked their mother about the cause of her injury. The mother replied that she had some carrots and when she arrived to near the hill, a big stone rolled down and hit her and broke her head, leg, and hand and all the carrots fill in the river.

Piebald and white said that they playing with stone but they did not know that the stone would hurt their mother.

The mother said them to not roll down stones from the hill because someone might be hurt with them.