More Payment, Better Income

Written by: Hassamuddin Hamdard

Hiring skilled people with better payment in business would increase their income. AEPO’s writer/producer had a trip to Jalalabad city, Nangarhar province and there he has talked to A fish cook, Gul Agha. Gul Agha says about his business, “I have been busy for the last 25 years in a fish cooking shop here in Jalalabad city.

I have hired 8 workers in my shop. And we all get a monthly salary. I and my brother get about 20 thousand Afghanis monthly salary and some other laborers are hired with 12000-15000 monthly salary.

The salary difference belongs to the experiences of laborers. those who have a good experience, they get more salary.  Our customers are more than other fish cooking shops. The causes of having more customers are a good attitude and frying fresh fish for them. We get telephone orders too and we send the orders on time to our customers.

At the beginning, we had hired a fish cook and he was just able to cook hardly about 5 kilograms fish and then we hired a new cook and we are paying 18 thousand Afghanis monthly salary to him and he could cook more 40 kilograms fish daily. Now we have more customers and more income. My two brothers got married from the benefit of the shop and we have bought a car two.”

Repairing Electrical Appliances:

AEPO’s writer/producer has talked to Bashir Ahmad, a resident of Kalakan district, Kabul province.

Bashir Ahmad talks about his business, “I repair electrical appliances and also do house wiring too. This is the eighth year of my business. I had worked as an apprentice for four years and my business was good but I faced economic problems during the time of quarantine. I printed my job title and mobile phone number on a customer card and distributed them in some places.

I paid about 6000 Afghanis for printing the customer cards and after distributing the cards, my business became better and the customers call me for working and now I am always busy in my job.”