Discussion and Respect Others Opinions

Written by: Abdullah Fazli

Fawad and Shakoor were two neighbors and friends and they were classmates too.One day Shakoor was very angry and he was searching Fawad.  Naweed, Shakoor's other classmate asked Shakoor about his anger. Shakoor replied that if he finds Fawad, he would teach him a good lesson. Naweed asked that what Fawad has done.

Shakoor replied that when he had gone to the toilet, Fawad has changed the size of the football ground.

Meanwhile, Shakoor saw that Fawad was going somewhere. Shakoor wanted him to wait for him. Nawid also accompanied Shakoor and they went near Fawad and the students surrounded them.

Fawad asked why he looks angry. Shakoor replied that why Fawad changed the size of the football ground. Fawad wanted him to talk politely with him but Shakoor’s anger increased and he held Fawad from his collar and wanted to beat him but other students prevent fighting.

Nawid wanted to solve the issue between them but Shakoor did not accept and he asked Fawad that why he changed the size football ground from 10metersx4meters to 15 metersx7meters? Fawad replied that the ground was very small and I wanted to expand it.

Meanwhile, Shakoor’s friends started a quarrel and Shakoor said that the size of the football ground is 10mX4m but Fawad said that the size of the football ground should be 15mx7m.

Nawid brought out his sports notebook from his school bag and said that the size of the football ground should be 18mx9m. All the students became happy and thanked Naweed to solve the issue.

Shakoor, Fawad, Naweed, and their classmates promised that they would discuss any issue before creating a problem, and then all they went to resize the football ground.