‌Playing with Insects

 Written by: Mina Nazari

Barialay and Mirwais were two friends living in a green village. There was a big desert near the village and boys of the village were collecting firewood from the mentioned desert.

One day Mirwais and Barialay went to the desert to collect firewood and dried bushes for winter. They had mynas at their homes and they captured some grasshoppers for the mynas. When they wanted to put the grasshopper into a bottle, the grasshopper jumped from their hands and they became very sad.

Barialay saw a hole near a bush and wanted Mirwais to bring the bottle of the water. Mirwais asked the reason. Barialay said that he wanted to pour the water in the hole and some insects would come out from the hole and they would capture them but Mirwais prevented him and said about the danger of the hole. Barialay did not accept and poured the water in the hole and he heard the crawling of an insect. Barialay entered his hand into the hole to capture the insect, but suddenly he loudly cried.

Mirwais saw that a big scorpion had bit Barialay. Mirwais took a big stone to kill the scorpion, meanwhile Barialy fell on the ground. Mirwais cried for helping. Some boys arrived and they took Barialay to his house. Barialaly’s father took Barialay to the doctor. The doctor treated him and advised him not to play with insects.

 Barialay promised that if he gets his health back, he would never play with insects and he would prevent his other friends too.