Wire Mesh on the Window of the Classroom

 Written by: Muhammad Anwar Andar

Akbar has some wires. His sister, Rabia wants him to give some wires to her too but Akbar refuses. Meanwhile, peddler comes and after greeting, he asks about their argument. Akbar says that he had pulled some wires from the school window mesh and wants to pull some more wires tomorrow.

Peddler says that pulling wires from the windows causes many problems. Akbar asks about the problems. Peddler brings out the magic mirror from the bag.

Akbar and Rabia see in the mirror that Ahmad is sick and his father takes him to the doctor. The doctor tests his blood and he asks Amad’s father if they have meshes for their house windows or not. Ahmad’s father replies yes. The doctor says that malaria mosquito has bit Ahmad and he is suffering from malaria disease.

Ahmad says that some days before he pulls out some wires from the classroom window mesh and after that day, all his classmates were suffering from flies and mosquitoes.

Peddler put the mirror back in the bag. Akbar promises that he would never cut or pull out wires from the mesh of the window anywhere. Peddler goes to another lane.

Second Lane:

Ayaz and Sayeda are making school from mud in the alley. Peddler arrives and they welcome him and ask him that what he has brought for them. Peddler brings out an illustrated book from his bag and he says to the children that each picture of the book can talk.

Ayaz sees a class illustration with a nice window that has golden wires mesh.

The mesh says that it has many advantages. Ayaz wants it to tell them about its advantage. The mesh tells about its advantages in a melody.

Peddler takes the book back in his bag. Sayeda tells the following joke, “A boy said to his father that he has invented something that one can see any object on the other side of the wall. His father asked about his invention. The boy said that he has made a hole in the wall.”

Peddler and children like the joke and peddler goes to the next lane.

Third Lane:

Hamid has a sponge and says to his sister, Shukria that his teacher wanted him to bring duster to the classroom. Peddler comes and children welcome him.

Children want their gifts from the peddler. Peddle tells a puzzle and says that if anyone finds the correct answer to it, he would give him/her a good award.

Children find the correct answer which is a sponge and the peddler gives each of them a pen and notebook and he goes home.