White Duck

 Written by: Nasratullah Samim

Several nice ducks were living in a green village. One day, gray duck said to the other ducks that next day they would have a swimming competition with the ducks of the other village and the winner would get a good award too.

Piebald, black, and gray ducks became happy and said that they would participate in the competition and might win the race.

The white duck wanted to compete too, but other ducks opposed her participation because she did not know how to swim but white did not accept and said that she knows better swimming.

The competition day arrived. All ducks were trying to win the competition. White duck also arrived. Black, piebald and gray ducks were preventing her but white did not accept.

The competition ended with the winning of the other village team. All ducks blamed the white duck for participating in the competition.

Some days later, Black, gray, and piebald ducks were searching white duck. They asked a hen about the white duck. The hen asked the reason. Black duck replied that they would have another swimming competition with the ducks of the other village.

The hen asked why they wanted the white duck to participate in the competition that she already has lost it before. Meanwhile, the white duck arrived and they shared the issue with her but white duck rejected.

The hen asked the white duck that why they wanted her to participate in the competition.

The white duck replied that when she lost the last competition, she started to learn swimming first in the stream, then in the river and now she has completely learned swimming.

The second swimming competition started. Each duck was trying to win the prize. Finally, the white duck succeeded and won the award.