Tailless Cat

 Written by: Abdullah Fazli

Piebald and Yellow cats were living in a ruined fort in a green village. One day yellow was crying outside the fort. Piebald heard her crying and ran toward her and asked the reason.

Yellow said that she was very hungry and wanted to find something for eating. When she was walking on the roofs and walls of the houses. Finally, she sensed the smell of meet from a kitchen. She jumped from a wall into the kitchen and saw some bones and she took one of them and when she wanted to eat it, the owner of the house came and hit her with a broom and he injured her back.

Piebald told her that if she promises to do her favor, she would cure the wound of her back.

Yellow asked about her favor.  Piebald wanted to take her to the house that yellow had gone there. Yellow said that the owner of that house is a cruel man and if he sees them, he would not let them come back alive. Piebald insisted to take her to that house for eating bones.

When they reached the yard of the house, they saw that a big dog was walking in the yard. Yellow was very afraid and wanted Piebald to escape with her but Piebald hid among the bushes in the yard. Yellow ran away. Meanwhile, the dog saw Yellow and chased her and caught her in the stream.

Yellow was crying but the dog was not releasing her. Finally, the dog cut Yellow’s tail and Yellow escaped. The dog went and lied down on the ground. Piebald entered the kitchen and found some pieces of bread. She ate them and went back to her house. When she reached home, she saw that Yellow had lost her tail. Piebald brought a piece of cloth and dressed her tail.

Piebald told Yellow that if she accepting what she was telling her, she might not ever face such problems.