The Classroom Cleanliness

 Written by: Meena Nazari

Leeda and Maryam were friends and classmates. One day Maryam heard the crying of Leeda at the recess time and she went near her and asked the reason but Leeda was suffering from her leg and was not able to stand up.

Maryam with the help of her other classmates took Leeda to the school administration office. The principal of the school informed Leeda's father and he took her to the hospital. The doctor said that Leeda’s leg is broken.

The next day, Maryam and some of her classmates went to the hospital to visit Leeda and they asked why her leg was broken.

Leeda told them the whole story. She said, “Last day I and Faheema went to the canteen in our school. I bought some biscuits and Faheema bought potato chips. We sat under the tree in the schoolyard. I threw the wrapper of the biscuit on the yard of the school but Fahims put the chips wrapper in dustbin. Faheema wanted me to throw the wrapper in the dustbin too but I denied.

Meanwhile, my other classmate, Lailoma joined us. She had a bottle of water. I took the bottle from her; drank the water and threw the bottle on the ground. Lailoma pick up the bottle from the ground and threw it in the dustbin.

That day passed and the next day, when I went to my classroom, Fahima wanted all the classmates not to put the wrappers and other useless things in the dustbin. All girls accepted without me and I said that it is the job of the school’s cleaners.

Fahima saw some peels of bananas and apples under my table and she wanted me to collect them and throw them in the dustbin but I threw them on the lawn of the school near our classroom and and when I wanted to come back to my classroom, I slept on the bananas’ peels and broke my leg.”

After Leeda’s leg recovery, she went back to school. She took a bucket from her home and put it in the corner of her classroom. She asked her classmates to put the useless things and wrappers in the bucket and she was always throwing the garbage of the bucket in the dustbin of the school.