Earthenware Glass

 Written by: Nasratullah Samim

Jambeli was a monkey living in a forest with other monkeys. One day Jambeli was sitting in a pine tree and she was crying. Another monkey, Memli heard her crying and asked the reason. Jambeli replied that her leg is injured and she could not walk. Memli dressed her leg with a piece of cloth and asked that why she injured her leg.

Jambeli replied, "Two days ago I and my friend, Red monkey had a running race. Meanwhile, we heard the voice of Black monkey that was selling earthenware glasses.

I stopped Black and asked about the glasses. Black said that the glasses are unbreakable. I said to Red monkey that I found a good game. I broke two glasses by dropping on the ground and said to Black the glasses are non-standard and told her that we do not want to buy them. Black got angry and Red Monkey was supporting me. When Black monkey put her bag on her shoulder, I threw a stone toward her and I broke more glasses. I was always mocking and annoying other monkeys who were to find food for their families. My parents prevented me but I did accept what they wanted me.

Another day I saw that Red monkey was very sad. I asked for the reason. Red monkey replied that she regretted what she and Jambeli had done and she told me that she would not annoy monkeys anymore and she left me alone.

Meanwhile, I hear the voice of Black monkey that she was coming toward me. I hid in a tree. When Black monkey arrived, I jumped from one branch to the other to frighten her but unfortunately, I fall on the ground I badly injured my back and I cried.

Memli heard my crying and she came near me and said that she saw the Black monkey was running and said that if Jambeli sees her, she might break her glasses again. 

I said that I saw the result of my bad behavior and I promised that I would never anyone including those who sell goods. Memli became happy and she went to inform other monkeys from my new decision.”