Written by: Abdullah Fazli

Short-tailed monkey and Red monkey were living in a jungle with other monkeys. They were studying in the same class.

One day, Black monkey, which was bigger than the others was very angry in recess time. Long-tailed monkey asked about the reason for his anger. Black said that Short-tailed and Red have looted all the bananas from his school bag.

 Black said that if he found Short-tailed and Red, he would teach them a good lesson.

Black asked Long-tailed about Short-tailed and Red but Long-tailed replied that he has not seen them.

Black called Short-tailed and Red to show themselves but Short-tailed was hidden a big tree. Short-tailed asked the Red to hide in the same tree. When Red was trying to climb on the tree, suddenly he fell on the ground and Black captured him. Black asked that they looted the bananas from him, Red replied that the main guilt is Short-tailed and he wanted Black to forgive his mistake. Meanwhile, Black saw the Short-tailed was hidden in the same tree. Black climbed on the tree and when Short-tailed saw him, he cried and fell on the ground and hurt his back.

Black asked him that why he looted bananas from his school bag and added that some days before he had also looted honey from him. Short-tailed was crying and said that he would never loot anything from anyone but Black wanted to take revenge. The other monkeys mediated and wanted Black to forgive Short-tailed and Red’s fault. Red and Short-tailed promised that they would never repeat it this mistake.