Swimming in Unknown Places

Written by: mena Nazari

There was a nice river with clean water near a village. Fahim and Muhammad were two friends living in that village.

One summer day Fahim and Muhammad were sitting under a tree beside the river. They heard the crying of a boy. When they went near, they saw that a boy was sinking in the river. Fahim and Muhammad were trying to rescue him but the waves of the water were not letting them.

They were running beside the boy and when waves brought the sinking boy to the bank of the river, Muhammad brought a big stick and asked the boy to hold one side of the stick. The sinking boy tried but the waves did not let him do so.

Finally, the boy succeeded to hold the stick; Muhammad and Fahim rescued him from sinking.

Fahim asked the boy how he sank in the water. The boy said that they are new to the hillside village and he added that as the weather was very hot, he wanted to swim in the river but he did know about the unchartered water.

Fahim and Muhammad said that no one should swim in unknown places and they also avoid swimming in unknown places.