The Story of Wazhma

 Written by: Nasratullah Samim

Wazhma was a school girl living in a green village far from the city. One day her friend, Samira saw that Wazhma was sitting under a tree; her school bag was thrown away and she was crying. Samira asked her why she doesn’t want to go to school these days. She added the principal of the school warned her that she might be excluded from the school due to her more absence.

Wazhma replied that she doesn’t want to go to school anymore. Samira wanted her to go back home but Wazhma said that her father would beat her for not going to school but Wazhma forced and accompanied her home.

When Wazhma’s father saw Wazhma, he asked her why she came early from school. Wazhma was crying and she was not able to reply.

Samira told him all the story. Wazhma’s father said that he had promised to Wazhma and her brother that if any o them gets good marks in the exam, he would buy him/her a lamb as a gift. He added that Wazhma lost her gift.

Wazhma became very sad. She said to her father that she is not blamed for her absence. Her father asked the reason. Wazhma said that one of her teachers always beats her and she doesn’t want to continue her studying.

Wazhma’s father said that education regulation banned on hitting students in the school. He promised with Wazma that the next day he would go with her to school and he would share the issue with the administration of the school.

Wazhma became happy and she promised that if her father could solve the problem with her teacher, she would go to school regularly.

The next day, Wazhma’s father went to school and shared the issue of Wazma’s beating by her teacher with the school administration. The school administration warned the teacher for hitting students.