Gray Grasshopper

Written by: Mina Nazari

Once upon a time, there was a running race among grasshoppers in a jungle. Each grasshopper was considering himself the winner of the competition but when the green grasshopper arrived, all of them were astonished because he was strong and had been awarded the championships so many times.

Gray grasshopper said that this time he would defeat the green grasshopper. The race started. The green grasshopper was running in front of others. Gray grasshopper went near him and dropped a stone in front of the green grasshopper and green grasshopper fell on the ground and he cried. All grasshoppers went ahead. Green grasshopper stood up and started his running again and once again he reached to the top of the row.

When Gray grasshopper saw that green grasshopper proceeded him, he became angry and hit his eyes. Green grasshopper cried and sat on the ground and gray grasshopper became the first to reach the target.

When the time of presenting the championship cup, the jury said that they were monitoring the race and that gray grasshopper caused faults and in the result, they announced the gray grasshopper as the winner of the race and he got the championship once again.

Other grasshoppers also condemned the gray grasshopper for his faults and they all congratulate the green grasshopper for winning the championship.

The gray grasshopper left alone and he was very sad.