Macaroni Made Vases

Written by:Yama Rahi

Some people take the benefit of raw materials found cheap in the market. AEPO’s writer/producer has talked to Mahmood, a resident of Kabul city about his business.

Mahmood says, “I prepare the shape of vases from a hard paper and then I attach colored Macaroni to it by glue. At the beginning, I was making vases from seashells and as seashells were expensive, later I started to make them from Macaroni.

I use 1-kilogram Macaroni for making each vase and the total expenses reach up to 100 Afghanis and I sell each of them for 300-400 Afghanis.”

New Skills:

AEPO’s writer/producer has talked to Qudratullah Mahmoodzada, another resident of Kabul city who takes the benefit of a new skill.

Mahmoodzada says about his business, “I have started burnt painting (Pyrography) about 15 years ago and after preparing, I handle them to my customers for sale.

I am graduated from the fine arts faculty of Kabul University. I watched this art on a television program for the first time and then I learned it from the You-Tube channel. There are some special boards for this purpose and I have to polish them by emery paper three times to be smoother and then the desired image is sketched on it; the sketch is painted by soldering iron and at the end, it’s polished and framed.

I have learned this art in 4 months. I could make each burnt painting in 4-5 days and the price of each piece differs according to the size and order of my customers and the price of each painting is among 5000-50000 Afghanis. I had painted a tableau of one the leaders of the world and they paid me 100 thousand Afghanis.

My more customers are ordinary people and some private institutions