Gray Rabbit

 Written by: Nasratullah Samim

There were three rabbits: gray, white, and piebald living together in a jungle. One day white and piebald rabbits heard the crying of the gray rabbit. They went near him and saw that the rainwater had ruined her house and hurt his leg. He wanted the white and piebald rabbits to let him live in any of their houses for a night but piebald and white rabbits laughed on him and became happy to see him in trouble.

Gray asked the reason. White replied that gray was always beating them and now they would not help him and they left him alone.

When white and piebald rabbits reached their houses, the rained had destroyed their houses too. White wanted to dig a hole in the land near his old cave but the piebald rabbit prevented him and said that this land belongs to him. Piebald rabbit held the white rabbit from his ears and hurt him and the white rabbit cried. Gray rabbit heard his crying and went near them. When he saw that they were fighting, she asked them not to fight but they did not accept. This time the nose of the piebald rabbit hurt and she cried.

Gray asked them to listen to his suggestion. He selected two places on the ground, one for white rabbit and the other for the piebald rabbit and she wanted them to dig a hole for themselves. They dag holes and both thanked the gray rabbit for her mediation between them. Gray rabbit wanted to go but the white and piebald rabbit and asked him to live together with them but the gray rabbit said that he wants to find a doctor to treat his leg. Piebald wanted him to stay at home and he would bring the doctor for his treatment.

After the treatment of his leg, the gray rabbit also dug a hole near their houses and they were living happily.