Asking Questions in turn

written by: Abdullah Fazli

Once upon a time, a piebald rabbit was sitting a big stone and she was crying.

A tortoise saw her and asked about the reason for her crying. The piebald rabbit asked her to leave her alone. The tortoise said that the piebald rabbit is her best friend and she must help her and asked her to tell her problem.

The Piebald rabbit started her story as follows. “Two days ago, I went to school with my friend, a white rabbit. The teacher asked the white rabbit to repeat the last day's lesson. The white rabbit was explaining the color and taste of the carrot. Meanwhile, I interfered with White’s explanations. I said that the last day the teacher taught us about the benefits of carrots, not about the color and taste.

The teacher asked me why I interfere during the explanation of the white rabbit. I said nothing and the teacher went out of the class. White quarreled with me and asked me why I interfere during her explanation. I replied that it is my habit to interfere in others’ work. White hit me on my head and runaway.

The teacher came to class and she asked me the reason for my crying. I told her the whole story. The teacher promised me to ask about this issue from the white rabbit.

That day passed. The next day, the teacher asked me and the white rabbit in front of the class and she asked me to tell about my problem. I told the whole story again to the teacher and the white rabbit was standing calm in his place.

Then the teacher asked the white rabbit that why he hit the piebald rabbit. When she was replying, I was interfering. The teacher and other students blamed me for my habit and the teacher reduced my behavior points. After that day, no one was playing with me and now I have decided to leave this jungle.

The tortoise promised to solve her problems and she went to white’s classmates and talked to them and they forgave the mistakes of the piebald rabbit. Piebald rabbit promised that she would never interfere when her other classmates ask the teacher or when they reply what the teacher asks them.