Yellow Earrings

 Written by: Meena Nazari

Naseema was living in a village. Halima was her friend and she was always playing with her.
One day when Naseema had pierced her ears, and her father had bought her a pair of yellow earrings, she took her earrings and went to play with Halima. Halima liked her earrings. They sat beside a stream.

Halima entered into the stream and she wanted to swim in the water. Halima prevented her and said that he had pierced her ears and the stream water is contaminated but Naseema did not accept. She put her earrings on the side of the river. When she came out of the stream and wanted to wear her earrings, she did not see them at the place where she had put them.

She asked Halima about them. Halima replied that she had not taken them. Naseema blamed Halima and said that she has stolen her earrings. A quarrel took place between them. Halima became sad and went home.
Meanwhile, Naseema saw her another friend Jamila and she shared the issue of her earrings missing. Jamila said that she saw that Halima went to Huma’s house and she had earrings with herself.

Halima went to Huma’s house and asked her to call Haima.
Huma prevented him from coming near to her. Halima asked the reason. Huma replied that pus is coming from his ears.
Meanwhile, Halima came and gave the yellow earrings to Naseema. Naseema called her a theft but Halima said that as Naseema’s ears were contaminated with dirty water of the stream, so she took her earrings and if she had worn them at that time, she might face more problems. 
 Naseema thanked Halima and Halima asked her to the clinic with her father her ears treatment.