School Clean Toilets

 Written by: Abdullah Fazli

Yasmin and Tahmina were close friends and classmates. They were always going to school together. One day in the break time, Yasmin was suffering from diarrhea and Tahmina accompanied her to the toilet. When Yasmin saw the toilet, she did not dare to enter it. Some students had made the toilet dirty with dung and had thrown the toilet papers here and there inside the toilet and there was no way to reach to the commode. Yasmin and Tahmina went to the next toilet but all were in the same position. Meanwhile, one shoe of Tahmina contaminated with dung. They left the toilets and found a safe place behind the toilets and Yasmin pooped on the ground.

The next day, Yasmin asked her classmate to take care of the cleanliness of the school toilets but most of her classmates, including Tahmina, were mocking her. Meanwhile, the teacher came and she asked the students to be quite.

The other day, Yasmin took Raihana and some other students to clean the toilets of the school. Raihana saw that a teacher was taking a sick girl to the clinic and she said to Yasmin that the sick girl might be Tahmina. After school, they went to the clinic and they saw that Tahmina was in a bed and they asked her about her sickness.

Tahmina said that she was suffering from vomiting and diarrhea and she added that the doctor told her that she is suffering from amoeba and he explained that amoeba is found in contaminated regions. Tahmina said that she realized that the dirty toilets of the school caused her amoeba. She promised that she would take care of the cleanliness of the school toilets and would share the issue with her other classmates too.