After the Rain

Written by: Meenaa Nazari

Once upon a time, there were two ants, Samo and Pipo living in a mountainside. They had built a nest and saved grains.

One day, they left their nest for collecting grains. When they were coming back to the nest, rain started. When they reached their nest, the rain did not let them enter their nest and moved them to a ditch. After the rain, Samo found himself upon a green leaf but he did not see Pipo and became sad and jumped to the land and was searching for Pipo. He saw Him near their nest. Samo went near to him and Pipo pointed to their nest that was full of rainwater and destroyed and there were no grains left.

Samo became very sad and wanted Pipo to help him to build a new nest but Pipo denies and he left Samo alone. Samo went ahead and saw one of his neighbors, Champo laying on the ground. Samo helped him to stand. Champo said that he dropped from a big stone and hurt his head. He thanked Samo for his help.

Samo told him that Pipo left him alone and now he could not build a new nest. Champo helped him in building a new nest and collected enough grains for saving.

On the other hand, Pipo was facing difficulties and when he was sitting on a leaf of a tree, the rain started again. Pipo fell from the tree and hid from the rain. Suddenly he saw that he is sitting on the back of grasshopper. He jumped and ran to toward a cave. When he reached the cave, a hawk saw and attacked him. Pipo fell into the water and the water took him near to Samo’s nest. When Samo saw him, he and Champo rescued him. When Pipo saw Samo’s nest, he regretted what he had said to Samo and he promised that afterward he would solve the problems together with Samo and stared to live together.