Provide Different Services

 Written by: Yama Rahi

Some Afghan youths start different services with less money and they solve their economic problems.

AEPO’s writer/producer has talked to Abdullah, a resident of Kabul city.

Abdullah says about his work, “I started my job as an auto maintenance person a few years ago. In the beginning, I was washing cars by hand, and a year before, I saved about 30000 Afghanis and I bought a machine for this purpose. As I do not have enough money to rent a house for car washing, I decided to start a mobile car washer. I always change my place work. I prefer to go to near the supermarkets, and the car stops because when car owners want to purchase something, they want me to wash their car.

I could wash about 5-6 or more cars daily and I get 100 Afghanis fees from the washing of each car and my customers are increasing day by day.”

Taking benefit of cheap resources: 

Firoz, a resident of Kabul city talks about his business, “Two years ago, I learned to make vases from used towels, blankets, and some other materials and as these materials are found cheap in the market, I started this business.

I make 304 vases from a big blanket, and one vase from a small blanket. The vase is made by hand. First I prepare the templates and then we add a piece of blanket with some special materials and then put it the frame for drying and after drying, it would be prepared for sale.

The price of each vase varies due to the size of the vase and I make about 100-150 vases monthly and get about 100 Afghanis to benefit from each vase. I put my handicrafts in a showcase and the customers see and buy them.”