Daily Lessons Repeat

Written by: Nasratullah Samim

A number of monkeys were living in a jungle. Red, Gray, and Black monkeys were classmates.

Once when two days later they had an exam, Gray monkey said to the Black that she got a headache of studying lessons. Black said that she could not learn her lessons. Meanwhile, they saw that the Red monkey was singing and jumping from one tree to another. Black and Gray said that Red would fail in the exam. A crow said that Red monkey would get more scores than others but Black and Gray did not accept what the crow said and the crow flew away.

 When the exam passed, Black and Gray were sad and said to the Red that they could not solve all of the questions. Red said that the questions were very easy and she solved all of them. Red and Black mocked her and said that they studied hard for two days and could not solve all of the questions but Red was playing all day in the jungle and how he could. The next day, when the teacher announced the result of the exam, Red had gotten the highest scores. All of the students were astonished and they thought that the teacher had helped the Red but Red denied.

Most of her classmates asked different questions and Red replied them correctly. Gray and Black asked the reason for his competency. Red said that when he was going back home from school, she was repeating her that day lessons and get ready for the next day. Gray and Black understood their mistakes and also decided to study their daily lessons and in the next exam, they also got good results.