Hostel in the cities for University Entry Exam Applicants

 Written by: Husamuddin Hamdard

Every year, a large number of boys and girls take the university entry exam. To get a good result, they follow university entry exam preparation courses. Such courses are more common in urban areas. Some girls and boys come to the cities from different provinces to follow these courses. Some of them have no place for accommodation. Some businessmen take benefit of this opportunity and provide hostels for them.

AEPO’s writer/producer has talked to Amir Muhammad Timory, one of the owners of such hostels in Kabul city.

Timory says, “I have started my work 4 years ago. I have prepared two separate hostels. One for boys and the other for girls. Each hostel has 15 rooms and I spent about 1 million Afghanis to prepare these hostels. I pay 70 thousand Afghanis for the rent of both buildings. About 150 students are living in both hostels. We get 4500 Afghanis monthly fees from ordinary students and those who have a governmental job, they pay us 3500 Afghanis fees because they eat lunch in their offices and other residents of the hostel eat 3 times food in the hostel.

We have also provided internet and hot water shower for 24 hours a day and if there is a shortage of electric power, we use diesel generator. We spend about 350 thousand Afghanis monthly and our monthly income reaches 50 thousand Afghanis.”