Winged Ant

Written by: Abdullah Fazli

Yellow, Black and Winged ants were friends and they were living together with other ants in a hillside near a village. One day they left their nests to find some foods. When they reached to the middle of the way, Winged ant became happy and he wanted the others to go ahead and added that as he has wings, he could carry foods so many times faster than them. Yellow and Black ants went ahead.

Winged ant went toward the wheat he had seen and when he wanted to take it, he heard a voice that prevented him from taking the wheat. Winged ant was afraid but when he saw a big ant arrive toward that wheat, he became happy and wanted to take the wheat but the big ant pushed him away and took the wheat and went away.

Winged ant cried and was murmuring with himself that I am very small and weak and the ant was very strong. Meanwhile, he heard the sound of laughter from the other side of the hill. He climbed to the top of the hill and saw that Yellow and Black ants had found some sweet wheat and they were trying to carry them.

The big ants saw Yellow and Black ant and went toward them and wanted them to give the sweet wheat to him but the Black denied and wanted him to go away from them. The big ant told them he took wheat from the Winged ant and would grab the sweet wheat from them too.

Black and yellow ants wanted their other friends to prevent the big ant from taking sweet wheat. A quarrel took place among them and the big broke his leg; cried and left the place. When Winged ant saw the scene, he said with himself that the strength is in their unity and came toward the Yellow and Black and wanted their apology.