It’s Late for School; what should I do?

Written by: Menaa Nazari

Jamil was a schoolboy living in a green village far from the city. sister, Safia was his sister and she also a schoolgirl.

One day in the morning, when Jamil wanted to go to school, he faced a terrible condition. He was imprisoned in a room and surrounded by his books, notebooks, and pens. There was no way to leave that room. Jamil was crying and wanted to take his books and pens and put them in his school bag but the school bag was going away from him. Jamil wanted the bag to let him to go because it was late for school but the bag told him that if he finds the secret of the sadness of his books, pens and school bag, then they would allow him.

Jamil wants to take his books but they also ran away from him and his pens did the same.

Jamil saw a few torn pages of his books and wanted their help but the pages wanted him not to go near them.

Jamil asked the reason for their sadness. The pages replied that Jamil does not take care of his books and school equipment and it is always late on him. Jamil asked the solution to this issue. The pages said that if he finds the book of these pages and promises to the books and notebooks that he would always pay attention to them, then he could go to school.

Jamil went toward books but the books were escaping from him. Jamil became sad and murmured with himself that if the books and pens allow him to go to school, he would always pay attention to them and would keep then clean and a safe place.

 When the books and notebooks heard his promise, they all came together and Jamil put them in his school bag.

Meanwhile, Safia awakened Jamil and asked him to get ready for going to school. Jamil asked if it is not late for school. Safia replied, no and Jamil told his dream to Safia and said to her that he would keep his books in a safe place afterward.