The Piebald Rabbit

There was a big jungle. Rabbits were also living beside other animals in this jungle. One day the Piebald rabbit’s kitten was crying. All rabbits surrounded her and were asking the reason for her crying. The kitten said that she has lost her father in the crowd of other animals. White rabbit asked her father’s name but the kitten did not remember it and even she did not know about the address of her house. No rabbit was able to help her. The kitten continued crying. A monkey heard her voice and came near to her. The monkey asked the reason for her crying too. The kitten told her the whole story.

The monkey asked her where she lost her father. The kitten replied that she could not find that place again.

The monkey held her hand and wanted her to go with her. When they reached a place, the kitten showed the monkey a big tree and said that she lost her father near the tree. The monkey assured her that her father would come here but the kitten did accept and cried again and when she wanted to leave the place, her father arrived and hugged his kitten. The kitten became very happy.

The kitten told her father that when she lost him, she searched here and there but could not find him and added that the monkey helped her to find him. The Piebald rabbit thanked the monkey and said to his kitten that if she was waiting under the tree that she lost him, he could easily find him.

The kitten said that now he knows what to do if she loses her father again.