Homeless Rabbit

 Written by: Abdullah Fazli

Once upon a time, two rabbits, Fat and Skinny were living on a hill near a green jungle. One day, Fat was digging the ground near a stream. The Skinny saw her and asked the reason. Fat said that her house on the hill is very old and added that she wants to build a new house. Skinny advised her to live in his old house near other rabbits but Fat said that she did not like his opinion and continued his work.

Fat talked to some other rabbits about his house too. They all wanted her to stop building a new house but Fat rejected.

Another day when Fat was eating grass near her new house, she saw that a squirrel was shifting somewhere else. Fat asked the reason. The squirrel replied that she wants to shit to Fat’s house on the top of the hill. Fat called her a mad squirrel and said that other animals want to live near the jungle and beside the stream but she wants to live on the top of the hill. She was preventing the squirrel but the squirrel did not accept and asked the Fat to live in her old house near other animals but the Fat did not accept.

Meanwhile, she heard a terrible voice of lightening. Fat was afraid and went near to her house but her house was full of water. The flood came and Fat was floating on the water. She was shouting and wanting help but no one was there to help her. She held a branch of a tree and came out of the flood. The flood caused to break her leg and injured her head. She was weeping and wanted to go to her old house.

Skinny and squirrel came and asked the reason of her crying. Fat told them the whole story and wanted them to take her to her old house. Skinny said that her old house is destroyed and she could not live in it. The fat cried and she was regretted what she had done. Skinny and squirrel took her to the top of the hill. The skinny took the doctor of the animals and she treated her. The Fat thanked Skinny and squirrel for their help and started her new life beside them.