Black Monkey

 Written by: Menaa Nazari

Many animals were living in a green jungle far from the city. One day, a black monkey was hungry and she climbed a tree. Meanwhile, a rabbit kitten was eating carrots and she was coming near to the gray monkey. The monkey wanted the kitten to give the carrots to her but the kitten denied and said that she is hungry and wants to eat them. The black monkey grabbed all the carrots from the kitten and ran away. The kitten cried.

The black monkey went ahead and she saw that a bear cub is carrying honey. The black monkey became angry and asked her to give the honey to her but the cub resisted and finally, the black monkey succeeded to take the honey from the bear cub too.

The black monkey went ahead and saw that the monkey infant, rabbit kitten, and bear cub were playing in the jungle. The black hid among the tree. Monkey infant told the others that she has brought some bananas and kept them under the leaves of the trees and she would distribute them among themselves after playing.

When the black monkey heard about banana, she wanted them to leave the place for her but they did not accept. The black attacked them and took all the bananas.

Other animals of the jungle decided to change the black monkey’s behavior.

An elephant came and said to the black that she is hungry and she wanted the black monkey to give the bananas to her but she denied and said that she is hungry too. The elephant took all bananas from her by force and went away.

The black monkey was very hungry and she found an apple under a tree and when she wanted to eat it, a big monkey came and grabbed it from her hand.

The black monkey was crying and was saying that she might die of hunger.

When the monkey infant heard the crying of the black monkey, she gave her some bananas. The black monkey understood her mistake and promised that she would not oppress the infants anymore.