Written by: Nasratullah Samim

Ahmad was a very kind boy and his family loves him. One day Ahmad was very happy and said to his sister, Zarlasht that their team would have a final cricket match with another team. He took his cricket bat and other equipment. His sister asked him to take the garbage with him to put it in its place. Ahmad took the garbage but suddenly he vomited and laid on the ground.

Ahmad's father was a peasant and he was working on the land. Zarlasht shared the issue of Ahmad’s sickness with her father. Her father came home and took Ahamd to the clinic.

The doctor asked Ahmad’s father to test his blood. The test result showed that Ahmad had eaten poison.

Ahmad’s father asked the reason for eating poison from Ahmad but Ahmad was complaining from his pain and was not able to reply. The doctor washed Amad’s stomach and he got a little better.

The next day his friend, Mirwais came to the hispital to visit Ahmad. Mirwais asked that why he had eaten poison. Ahmad replied, “One day before the final match, I was running in his garden and after a few minutes, I picked up some raw apricots from a tree in the garden and ate them. My father had sprayed those trees and the next day I felt pain in my stomach. The doctor told me that trees spray is poison the fruits of those trees should not be eaten without washing them well. The doctor added that animal should also be prevented from eat grass under such trees.”