Employer and Laborers

Written by: Husamuddin Hamdard

The owners of workshops, factories, and stores hire laborers according to their workloads. Some laborers honestly perform their job and some others don’t care about it. This issue

AEPO’s writer/producer has talked to Idris, works as an apprentice in one of the stores in Kabul city and busy with arranging store items on the shelves.

Idris says about his activities, “Before I was working in a car workshop and my employer did not have convenient behavior with me. When I was making a small mistake, he was cursed and even beating me and he was cutting from my salary. I started work here in this store about a year ago. The owner of the store behaves me and other apprentices like we are his brother. When we need money, he gives us our salary in advance and if we make a mistake, he doesn’t care about it. he has told us that we should think that we are his apprentices and encourages us to think that we the owners of the store. We all perform our job honestly. On special days like Eid and Nawruz day, we come to our job and he pays us overtime for those days.”

AEPO’s writer/producer has also talked to Bashir Amad, the owner of the store too.

The writer/producer asks about the reason for the convenience of his apprentices. “Bashir Ahmad replies, “I behave them like their brother, not an employer and they honestly work with me. I pay their salary on time and if they need extra money for any reason, I pay their salary in advance too. My behavior caused them to pay more attention to their daily work. When a customer comes to the shop, they convince him/her not to leave the shop without purchasing.”

Jaggery Making:

AEPO’s writer/producer had a trip to Nangarhar province and there he has visited a traditional jaggery making process and has talked to a jaggery making plant owner, Nadir Khan.

Nadir Khan talks about his work, “I have started to make jaggery from sugarcane about 7 years ago. We produce 2 kinds of jaggery: simple, and spicy jaggery. The spicy jaggery is mixed with peanut, walnut, and cardamom.

The price 7 kilograms simple jaggery is about 500 Afghanis and the price of 7 kilograms mixed jagger is 1000 Afghanis.

We also make jaggery according to the orders of our customers.

We buy one Jerib sugarcane land for 50 thousand Afghanis and  then we get 400-500 thousand Afghanis jaggery from the mentioned land.”