Jalal and Wolf

Written by: Abdullah Fazli

It was Nawruz (new year day). Jalal went with his family to the hillside for a picnic. Jalal’s friend, Haseeb also went to the same place with his family for the picnic.

When Haseem saw Jalal, he wanted to play with him. Jalal’s shared the issue with his father. His father warned them not to go far from the picnic place.

A few minutes later, Jalal’s father called Jalal but heard no response. He asked other children about him but no one knew about Jalal and Haseeb.

Jalal took Haseeb for picking flowers to a valley far from the hillside. Jalal was thirsty. Haseeb said that they have to go back to their picnic place fro drinking water but Jalal said that they might find a spring in the valley. They went ahead in the valley but found no water. It was late evening they lost their way to go back to the hillside or their homes.

On the other hand, Jalal and Haseeb’s families worried about them and searched here and there but found no sign of them. Haseeb and Jalal saw two wolfs were waiting for them on the top of the hill. Haseeb and Jalal were afraid. Jalal wanted to run away but Haseeb suggested staying the night in a cave in the hill.

The next day Jalal wanted to leave the valley but Haseeb asked that how could they find the way to the village?  Suddenly Haseeb saw their footprints on the way that they had come to the valley and he wanted Jalal to chase the footprints. Finally, they reached a place where Haseeb and Jalal's fathers were waiting for them. When Haseeb and Jalal saw their fathers, they became happy and told the whole story to them. Jalal’s father’s asked why they did not accept his advice and went far away. Jalal and Haseeb accepted their mistake and promised that they would never repeat such a mistake.