The Crane and the Kitten

Written by: Meena Nazari

White, piebald and black cats were living with other cats in a green jungle. One day, white kitten left her house for playing. She went to the riverside. She saw that a crane was searching for something in a river. The kitten became astonished to see a long beak and long legs of the crane. She wanted to take the crane home and play with her. She invited her to her home but the crane said that she is hungry and wants to find something for eating. The kitten said that she would prepare plenty of food for her. The crane became happy and went with kitty.

When they reached the kitten’s house, all other kittens astonished to see such a bird and they were asking different questions from the crane.

One kitten called her an ugly bird and asked her how she could eat with such a long beak and other kittens were mocking her legs. The crane became upset and wanted to leave kittens’ house but the piebald kitten said that food is ready for eating. They brought some soup on a plate and put it in front of the crane. The crane was not able to eat it from the plate and the kittens were laughing.

The crane became angry and she left the kittens’ house.

Some days later, the kittens went out to play in the desert. They were jumping from stones. Suddenly white kitten fell down and got caught among two big stones. Other kitten tried their best to rescue her but they could do nothing. They cried for help but no one helped them. Suddenly they saw the crane and asked her to rescue the white kitten but the crane denied and said that why they mocked her.

The piebald kitten was trying to rescue the white kitten but she fell down too. White and piebald kittens were crying and asking for help. The crane came back and rescue both kittens by her long beak. The kitten became happy and thanked the crane for her help and said sorry for mocking her.