Supporting Women

In some villages of Afghanistan, elders and families make it possible for girls and women to learn vocational skills to help them to improve their economy.

AEPO’s writer/producer first has talked to Noor Bibi, a resident of Qarabagh district, Kabul province and then to her father. Noor Bibi says, “I took part in a tailoring course held by a welfare NGO one year ago in our village. The trainers of the course were all females. I learned to tailor in 6 months and then I opened my course at my home and now about 30 women and girls are learning sewing in this course and they pay me 150-200 Afghanis monthly fees. I also sew ladies' dress of my customers at home and my monthly incomes reach 8000 Afghanis. I could fulfill my needs and I also economically help my family and our life is better than before.”

Allah Muhammad, the father of Noor Bibi, says, “When I got aware that some vocational skills learning courses are held in our village, I let my daughter, Noor Bibi to learn sewing. I was paying money for her daily expenses and sometimes I was accompanying her to the course. Now she is a skilled trainer of sewing and she could solve her economic problem and she also help her family.”