‌Black Cat

 written by: Nasratullah Samim

A black cat was living in the hayloft of a house with White, Yellow and other cats. One day when the weather was very cold, the black cat was sitting sadly beside a wall. A rooster saw that one foot of the Black was injured and he asked about it from her. Black blamed herself for her mistake and said that she feels cold and her leg has pain too. The roaster asked her to go to the hayloft and added that she would bring her some foods. Meanwhile, the black heard the voice of a turkey. She afraid of it and cried.

Rooster asked about her fear. One day yellow and White brought a piece of meat into the hayloft and were playing together. White was telling a tale. Black went out for drinking water. A Piebald cat entered angrily into the hayloft. Other cats asked the reason. Piebald said that Black caused other cats to be angry with her. Black came back to the hayloft. Piebald wanted to beat her but other cat prevented.

Next day the black cat came to his home and told Yellow and White that Gray hen said that she doesn’t like Yellow and White. Meanwhile, Gray clucked in chicken coop and said that the Black is telling lie. Yellow and White became angry and they cut friendship with Black.

Black went out and suddenly she heard the barking of a piebald dog. Black thought that the dog might bite her because she had gossips with other dogs about him. The piebald dog saw Black and bit her leg.

Black was very sad and said to the rooster that she is regretted her gossips. Rooster told her that she would inform all animals of the village and would tell them that Black knows about her mistakes. Black became happy and went back into to the hayloft.