Written by: Meena Nazari

Khoshal was a boy living with his family in a green village far from the city.

One day when Khoshal left his house to play with his friends, he saw an old man was carrying a heavy load. The old man asked Khoshal to help him and wanted to take care of the bag due to having a precious fragile in it.

Khoshal wants him to show the item. The old man brought out a nice cup from the bag. The nice cup astonished Khoshal and took it from the old man but suddenly the cup fell from his hand on the ground. Meanwhile, a dusty wind blew and when Khoshal opened his eyes, he was imprisoned in a cage inside a cave. Khoshal was crying and asking for help. A strong giant came and Khoshal asked him that why he has imprisoned him. The giant said that Khoshal has broken his precious cup and he would punish him for it.

Suddenly the cage fell from the tree but the strong giant did not let it reach the ground and thus he saved Khoshal.

Khoshal asked the strong giant to release him but he denied.

Meanwhile, a small giant broke a nice painting. The strong giant got angry at him but the small giant apologized for his mistake and the big giant forgave him.

Khoshal asked that why he forgave the small giant but not him. The strong giant asked him to think about it but Khoshal did not know why the strong giant did not want to forgive him.

The strong giant gave him a magical mirror. Khoshal saw his friend, Mirwais in the mirror. Khoshal is carrying a clock and Mirwais caused to fell the clock from Khoshal’s hand. Mirwais asked to forgive him but Khoshal did not.

In the next scene, Khoshal saw his sister, Haleema broke Khoshal’s savings box and she apologized for her mistake but Khoshal got angry at her too.

Khoshal understood his mistake and knew the importance of forgiveness.