Once upon a time, there were two grasshoppers, Khaki, and Naughty living together in a dessert. One day they went to a nearby lawn and while they were playing, Naughty saw a new insect coming toward them. They afraid of her and wanted to run away but the new insect said that she is also a grasshopper and said that her name is Chubby. Khaki and Naughty became happy and wanted Chubby to play with them but Chubby denied and said that they should leave the lawn to her otherwise, she would beat them.

Naughty and Khaki went to a nearby lawn and share the issue with other grasshoppers. The other grasshoppers asked them to live with them and eat grass from their lawn.

On the other hand, a heavy rain caused a flood and ruined the lawn where the Chubby was in it and after that nothing was found there for eating.

An ant showed the lawn where Khaki and Naughty were living in. Chubby went there and decided to exclude Naughty and Khaki from the new lawn too. When Khaki and Naughty found that Chubby was very week and they mocked her. Chubby said that she would break the hands and legs of Khaki and Naughty till they leave that lawn to her too. She started to quarrel with them. Khaki and Naughty beat Chubby. Chubby cried and fell to the ground. Khaki and Naughty went to eat some grasses.

 Chubby was very hungry but no one helped her and she became unconscious. Khaki and Naughty took him to their home and brought him some grass. Chubby became happy and said that she knows the disadvantages of quarrel and then he wanted his apology from the other grasshopper and started a happy and peaceful life together.