Real Friend

Written by: Abdullah Fazli

Once upon a time, there were three friends Rauf, Khalid and Najib living in a village near a jungle.

They were always crossing the river and going to the jungle to collect some firewood and sell them in the bazaar.

As usual, one-day the left their houses for collecting woods and took bread and water for drinking with themselves. when they reached to the river, the flood prevented them to cross the river. Rauf had a donkey and crossed the river on the back of it. He asks Najib and Khalid to cross the river too.

Najib and Khalid said that they are not able to cross the river and asked him to help them to cross the river on his donkey’s back but he denied. Najib crossed the river too but Khalid’s slipped in the water and lose his bread. Najib helped him to cross the river.

They reached to the jungle and got busy in collecting firewood.

Khalid became hungry and asked Rauf to give him some bread. Rauf said that he could not help him.

Najib and Rauf collected some woods but Khalid did not and said to Najib that as he was so hungry and had no bread and Rauf did not help him either, and he could not collect woods. Najib became sad and they went back home.

Next day, Najib and Khalid went to Rauf’s home but he had gone alone to the jungle. When Khalid and Najib reached to the jungle, they heard the crying of Rauf.

They found out the Rauf had injured his leg by the ax. Khalid wanted to help him but Najib prevented him and said that Rauf did not help him the other day either, but Khalid tore his handkerchief and wrapped Rauf injured leg.

Rauf said that he wanted to come two times and collect more woods but I could not. Khalid assured him that he would collect woods for him too.

Rauf thanked Khalid and wanted his excuse for not giving him bread last day and said to Khalid that you are a real friend. Khalid forgave him and started to collect woods.