Changing the Type of Business According to the Season

Written by: Yama Rahi

Those whose business depends on the seasons, face some economic problems in other seasons but some of them have found solutions to this issue.

AEPO’s writer/producer has talked to Abdullah, who has the job of car washing in Kabul city.

Abdullah says about his business, “I have a car washing machine and I clean and wash cars but as in the winter, the car wash business is not prosperous, I sell fresh fruits too.

I get about 300-500 Afghanis benefit from the car washing business but when I started to sell fruit as well, I can get about 800-1000 Afghanis to benefit daily.


A number of businessmen offer discounts on products and the items that they prepare and sell, and thus they could increase the number of their customers and earn more money.

AEPO’s writer/producer has talked to Abdullah Ibrahimkhel, another resident of Kabul city. Ibrahimkhel talks about his business, “I am the manager of a hotel. In the beginning, I was facing some economic problems due to the lack of customers.

Then I decided to sell the items at a special discount. One of my friends suggested me to sell pizza at a discount. 

Then we printed advertisements on pieces of clothes and posted around our restaurant and some other places. We announced, “Order 2 pizzas and get one free!” 

These advertisements cause to increase in the number of our customers. We have also advertised our products on our Facebook page.”